MUFE Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation in Y255 | Review & Swatches

This summer, after spending a week in Hawaii, I came back several shades darker, too dark to pull off my then-current foundation concoction (IT Cosmetics CC Cream in Light and NARS Tinted Moisturizer in Alaska). I mentally prepared myself to begin the frustrating search all over again and my first stop was at the Make Up For Ever section in Sephora because of it’s wide range of forty shades.

The shade numbering system is very simple: the larger the number, the dark the shade and the letter in front is determined by the undertone (R means a cooler, pinker undertone while Y means a warmer, yellow-er undertone). My shade is Y255, which is the closest match I’ve ever found for my light Asian skin. Most warmer shades tend to pull orange on me, but the MUFE Ultra HD definitely has more yellow tones.

Very sleek packaging with a convenient pump!

Price: $43 for 1.01 oz, which is definitely on the steep side but I’m willing to pay the premium because of the shade match.

Consistency: The foundation is definitely on the thinner, more water-like side.

Application: I prefer to apply this foundation with my favorite Real Techniques sponge because I find I can achieve a more natural look with a makeup sponge than with a brush. Because it’s so thin, a brush can make the application look more streaky or cake-y.

The MUFE Ultra HD also dries down very quickly, which can make a brush application more difficult. A damp sponge lets you spread the foundation more easily, but you should still work in sections. I like to start on my cheeks, move to my forehead and chin, and save my nose for last.

Swatch of Y255 in natural light
Swatch of Y255 in natural light
Swatch of y255 in natural direct sunlight
Swatch of Y255 in natural direct sunlight

Coverage: The MUFE Ultra HD is a light-to-medium coverage, but with a sponge, it’s definitely light. It’s a good everyday foundation if you just want to even your skin tone. I find that one pump can cover my entire face, but I’ll use another half-pump to build up coverage where I need it. Layering it any more than that won’t really work, especially with a sponge.

Wear-Time: On my combination skin, this definitely isn’t the most long-lasting foundation I’ve ever tried, but I’ve worn this foundation for more than 12 hours a few times and it’s still there, albeit with significant shine and breakup. The wear-time is definitely more around 7-8 hours. The MUFE Ultra HD also isn’t transfer-proof at all, so be wary of doing your makeup before getting dressed because I’ve definitely wiped off some foundation by accident.

(I typically wear it with the Smashbox Light Primer on my nose (to control the shine) and the Lancome La Base Primer everywhere else. I also powder my face with Coty Airspun before applying foundation to absorb oil, so the wear-times are based on that  combination.)

One thing I have noticed is that the MUFE Ultra HD looks best about an hour after application, perhaps due to your natural oils mixing with the foundation (but I’m not sure because I’m not an expert so this could very well be complete bullshit).

Conclusion: 6.5/10 

The MUFE Ultra HD is a good everyday foundation with light-to-medium coverage and an inclusive shade range, but it’s neither transfer-proof nor long-lasting.

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