Perfume has always had a special allure for me: I love the idea of having a signature scent, of spritzing on a little something extra before walking out the door, of turning heads as you pass by because you smell so damn good. I rarely leave the house without putting on perfume (unless I’m headed to the gym); I just feel so much more confident and put-together when I know I smell amazing.

Even though I’m no fragrance connoisseur, I’ve sampled and tested and experimented with enough perfumes to know what I like and what I don’t like.

And I’m positive that love the newest fragrance from Chanel: GABRIELLE CHANEL.


Named after Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, the perfume is a fresh white floral that isn’t too powdery, sweet, or heavy. I tend to go for crisp citrus scents (think D&G Light Blue and Chanel CHANCE Eau Fraîche), but there was something about this perfume that I instantly fell in love with. According to Chanel, the fragrance has notes of jasmine, ylang-ylang, orange blossom, and grasse tuberose that blend together to create an “imaginary flower”.

The sillage (how much the fragrance lingers or the scent trail it leaves behind) of GABRIELLE CHANEL isn’t overpowering, so don’t worry about assaulting the senses of fellow commuters. The longevity is decent too; I can get a good six hours of wear-time before it fades away.

I’ll be wearing GABRIELLE CHANEL all year round, during both the day and night. It has a light and sophisticated quality that makes it a very versatile choice for any occasion, from work to brunch to a night out! I’ve already worn it out several times and gotten compliments almost every time.

Lastly, the packaging is absolutely stunning. The shape of the bottle reminds me of a delicately cut diamond, and the four cuts represent the four floral notes of the perfume. The pale gold details will make it a gorgeous addition to any vanity. It’s a treat for the nose and the eyes!


I picked up my bottle of GABRIELLE CHANEL at my local Ulta store because it wasn’t available online and because I wanted to take advantage of my “20% off” coupon (which works on both fragrance and prestige!). A 3.7 oz bottle went from $135 to just $108, which is amazing because this is a relatively new launch!

If you’re considering purchasing GABRIELLE CHANEL, as with all perfumes, you should definitely grab a sample at Sephora first to see how it combines with your body chemistry. Now is the time to treat yourself (especially with Ulta’s coupon and Sephora’s 3x Points Promotion, both of which end in a few days)!!

Conclusion: 9/10

GABRIELLE CHANEL is a beautiful versatile fragrance for anyone who wants a light and fresh floral for everyday wear all year round. It’s my new favorite perfume!

What’s your favorite fragrance??

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3 thoughts on “GABRIELLE CHANEL | Review

  1. I loooove my Coco Mademoiselle fragrance because of how long it wears so I was really curious about what this new fragrance smells like! Definitely one I’m going to have to give a try, it sounds so lovely.

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