BUTTER LONDON Glazen Eye Gloss in Oil Slick and Mermaid | Review & Swatches

I had added the Butter London Glazen Eye Glosses to my online shopping cart many times over the past year. As an Allure 2016 Best of Beauty Award Winner, they were even more appealing because of the unique gel-like texture. I finally had the chance to swatch the Glazen Eye Glosses this week, and I immediately fell in love! I usually don’t buy eyeshadows (especially single shadows) because I rarely use anything other than my Tartelette in Bloom, but for these beautiful products, I’ll make an exception!

butter london glazen eye gloss pots

I purchased two colors that stood out to me the most: Oil Slick (described as a “sparkling chameleon”, but more of a maroon with a blue-ish shift) and Mermaid (described as a “sparkling ice grey”, which is pretty accurate). Out of the two, I expect to get the most use out of Oil Slick because it truly is such a gorgeous and unique shade!

Photographing these swatches were difficult because the’y’re so glittery!

Price: One pot of the Glazen Eye Gloss holds 0.19 oz of product and costs $24. However, Ulta is currently selling them at a 50% discount for only $12! It’s a very fair price, especially because a little bit goes a long way! If they had been full price, I probably would have only purchased Oil Slick.

Packaging: The Glazen Eye Gloss comes in a clear slim plastic pot with a black cap that feels sturdy. I do wish the Glazen Eye Glosses came in a tube rather than a pot because I’m worried about the product drying out more quickly in the pot and because dipping your finger in each time is less hygienic.

butter london glazen eye gloss open pots oilslick mermaid

Texture: When you first put your finger in the pot, the Glazen Eye Glosses feel cool and wet to the touch. It has a gel-like consistency, almost like thin pudding, which is a gimmick I can get on board with. When applied to the eyelid, the wetness evaporates, leaving behind a smoothness that isn’t powdery at all. I wouldn’t describe these as a gloss, however, because it’s basically chunky glitter suspended in gel instead of a true gloss. Despite the misnomer, the texture is so fun and oddly calming that I don’t mind.

Application: As suggested by Ulta’s website, I used my finger to apply the Glazen Eye Gloss. I haven’t tried it with a brush, but I doubt it would be very effective, given their texture. I find that you don’t need a lot of product at all; it goes on quite intensely already and you can definitely build it up to an even more intense glitter with another layer or two. Between the two colors, Oil Slick is more pigmented and goes on true to color, whereas the gel in Mermaid is clear and it goes on like glitter. One thing to note: the shadows don’t look wet (as Butter London intended them too), just very glittery but still very pretty.

butter london glazen eye gloss oilslick mermaid full face
Oil Slick all over the lid and Mermaid in the inner corner
butter london glazen eye gloss oilslick mermaid close up
Pictures really don’t do the glosses justice — the glitter catching the light is so stunning in person

Wear-Time: When used with an eyeshadow primer, these Glazen Eye Glosses last for a good eight hours without any creasing, smudging or fading. I did experience a little bit of fallout as the gloss dried and some of the glitter came loose, but it wasn’t a enough to be a a serious con.

Conclusion: 8.5/10

Despite the inconvenient packaging, the Butter London Glazen Eye Glosses are uniquely-formulated, long-lasting, and insanely beautiful! They’re an easy way to glam-up any look (alone or on top of eyeshadow) and perfect for a night out.

If you’re looking for a truly one-of-a-kind shade, I would highly recommend Oil Slick! Between the two, I plan on repurchasing Oil Slick when I run out (or it dries out!).

Have you tried the Glazen Eye Glosses? And what’s your favorite eyeshadow formula?

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