COLOURPOP Ultra Satin Lip in Calypso, Frick & Frack, and Ambush| Review & Lip Swatches

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ColourPop is one of those hyped brands that has earned and deserves every ounce of recognition it receives because they continuously release high-quality products in a variety of shades at affordable prices. I will forever be a huge ColourPop fan because they have one of my favorite formulas for liquid lipsticks: the Ultra Satin Lip. I love a good matte finish, but I have very, very dry lips so most formulas are a nightmare for me to wear because they’re insanely uncomfortable and make my lips look wrinkly.

For those of you who are less familiar with the ColourPop, the brand has several lines of liquid lipsticks: Ultra Matte Lip, Ultra Satin Lip, and Ultra Blotted Lip. The first is the more traditional formula for a liquid lipstick (very drying and completely matte) and the last is a sheerer formula for that “Popsicle” look, whereas the Ultra Satin Lip is just right.

In this post, I’ll review the Ultra Satin Lip and include lip swatches of my favorite shades!

calypso frick and frack ambush tubes


Price: All of ColourPop’s liquid lipsticks are $6, which is super affordable. Keep in mind, however, that the low prices come with a tradeoff: ColourPop does not accept returns or refunds. As annoying as this is, especially because it’s difficult to know what the color looks like on you in-person, I’m willing to overlook it because of how well these perform. If I purchase a color that I definitely can’t pull off, I usually just give them to my friends!

Packaging: Like all ColourPop liquid lipsticks, the tubes are slim and clear with silver tops. My only complaint is that the ColourPop logo gets wiped off very easily. Luckily, most of mine are Ultra Satin Lips, but it can be difficult to know which line of liquid lipsticks the tube is from if you have a variety.

Texture: Whereas the Ultra Matte Lip has a thinner consistency, the Ultra Satin Lip has a creamier, more whipped texture that feels lightweight and moisturizing. The Ultra Satin Lip dries down to a comfortable matte.

Application: The Ultra Satin Lip comes with a small and soft doe-foot applicator with decently long hairs. I was worried that this would result in streaky application, but fortunately, that wasn’t the case! I find that the applicator allows for very precise application, even without a lip liner. The creamy formula glides over the lips without skipping because it’s too dry or slipping because it’s too wet. The Ultra Satin Lip is also very pigmented so one swipe is all you need to achieve full-coverage. All-in-all, applying this lipstick is a breeze!

The applicator allows for precise application!

Wear-Time: The Ultra Satin Lip isn’t bulletproof, but I can get a good six to seven hours of wear (without a lip liner) before it starts to fade, and even then it’s a very natural process. It never completely dries down (which is perfectly fine because it makes for a more comfortable wear), so it definitely isn’t transfer-proof. The formula does a good job of staining your lips so that even if a lot comes off, a good amount of color remains. I frequently eat with this lipstick on and even when I dab at my mouth, my lipstick still looks freshly applied!

Conclusion: 9/10

The ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip is a must-have for those with dry lips who still love a good matte finish. Its comfortable feel, staying power, and amazing pigmentation are all reminiscent of a much higher price-tag! I definitely plan on ordering more Ultra Satin Lips!


My three favorite Ultra Satin Lip colors to wear in the fall and winter are Calypso, Frick & Frack, and Ambush. I’m very picky about my lip colors because of my skin tone and pigmented lips, but these three passed the test!


Calypso is a neutral nude pink that’s an easy choice for an everyday look. It’s a “my lips but better” shade because it’s very close to the color of my natural lips. I used to never wear pinks because I could never find one that wasn’t too cool-toned, but this one has a bit of warmth and depth that I love!

colourpop ultra satin lip in calypso full face

colourpop ultra satin lip in calypso lip swatch

Frick & Frack is a warm rosy-brick shade that’s also a very wearable everyday choice. It’s not too vampy or edgy, so it’s a great darker shade to wear during the day.

colourpop ultra satin lip in frick and frack full face


The newest addition to my Ultra Satin Lip family, Ambush is a true bright red that just commands attention. A lot of reds I’ve tried tend to pull either orange or pink, but this color is pure red. I’ve worn Ambush many times this holiday season and received compliments every time!

colourpop ultra satin lip in ambush full face

colourpop ultra satin lip in ambush lip swatch

Another one of my favorite liquid lipstick formulas is the NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment, which I reviewed earlier this week!

What’s your favorite lipstick from ColourPop? I’d love to try new colors!

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  1. Thanks for this bush lip swatch in natural lighting. Please do more lip swatches if u can from other brands u like/try.


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