BENEFIT The POREfessional Pearl Primer | Review

The original POREfessional primer has long been my much-loved go-to for when I feel that my pores are a little too noticeable, but when I finished my tube of it, I decided to test out the new version of the POREfessional: the POREfessional Pearl Primer!

Currently, I’m very into a soft, radiant look that isn’t quite flat-matte or truly dewy; I like a natural finish with a healthy glow. Benefit claims that in addition to targeting pores like the original version, the Pearl Primer will also brighten your skin to make you look more awake. So far so good!

Super into this millennial pink packaging

Price: The price for the Pearl Primer is the same as that for the original POREfessional: $31 for 0.75 oz. It’s definitely not an affordable primer, but if you’re already shelling out the money for the the original like me, then you won’t have to worry about adjusting your budget!

Packaging: As a new version of the POREfessional, the Pearl Primer’s packaging is also similar to that of the original. It comes in the classic soft-touch squeeze tube with a black cap, but the color scheme is millennial pink rather than mint. All in all, I’m fine with the packaging of both versions: it’s convenient, hygienic, and allows you to dispense as much product as needed.

Application: As expected, the texture of the Pearl Primer is very much like that of the original POREfessional: it’s silky smooth without feeling greasy. Be warned that while the original is a more natural nude color, the Pearl Primer is very noticeably pink. As someone with yellow undertones, I was worried that the primer would give me a pinkish cast that would look unnatural, but luckily the primer sheers out and doesn’t add any color to your skin. The primer also has glitter — which I assume is there to “brighten” your face — but it’s virtually undetectable once you put it on.

Very pink but the color blends away

Like the original POREfessional, I find that spreading it on and then patting it in helps me to achieve the best blurring effect without any pilling. As you can see in the picture below, just spreading it won’t give you the most appealing finish.

PAT – don’t spread

Effectiveness: I wore this primer for a week with a variety of foundations (Lancome Teint Idole, MUFE Ultra HD, and IT Cosmetics CC Cream) and found that there were very little differences between this version and the original POREfessional. The brightening, radiant effect wasn’t as noticeable as I anticipated. That being said, it’s a perfectly good primer: it filled in my pores, helped my foundation last 12+ hours, and controlled shine on my T-zone (even when I didn’t powder).

Conclusion: 8/10 

It’s the same score I would give the original POREfessional. The Pearl Primer a reliable staple that will blur your pores and extend the wear of your makeup, but if you’re looking for a primer that will give you a noticeable radiant finish, you may want to look elsewhere. In my opinion, the formula for the Pearl Primer is too similar to that of the original to warrant an entirely new product. You can’t go wrong with either because they’re the same price but if you’re deciding between the two, my advice is go for the packaging color you like better!

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4 thoughts on “BENEFIT The POREfessional Pearl Primer | Review

  1. This looked so interesting as someone with dry skin I thought it would be excellent, the original is great but can be drying but I’ve heard similar opinons on it from other beauty gurus too so I guess its a pass!


  2. Great post – I hear so many YouTubers rave about this product, but have never ventured to try it before. This review is so in depth that I might just have to try it out! Thanks for sharing!
    -Jenna ❤
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